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The extensive experience and exposure to various applications has resulted in a wealth of capabilities, skills and resources within the company. Xstream Flow boasts a truly world-class capability in a wide range of core competencies:
Hardware Design Capabilities

We have extensive experience in:
  • Digital Design - Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA), complete systems on a chip (SOC), VHDL coding and simulation, Soft processors.
  • Digital Signal Processing - Texas Instruments and Analog Devices DSP are used extensively in our designs
  • Mobile Device Design - Portable handset and Personal Digital Assistant Experience
  • Low Power Design - Texas Instruments MSP based
  • Power Electronics - DC to DC converters, Power supplies, Inverters
  • Analogue/Digital interfacing - A/D Conversion, D/A conversion
  • Designing for manufacturability and testing - One of our designs is being produced at more than 300k units per year
  • Automated test equipment

Mechanical Design Capabilities

We have extensive experience in:
  • Packaging design from the conceptual phase to the detail design and manufacturing phases
  • Thermal simulation and the design of heat sinks
  • Solid modelling of circuits and enclosures
  • Rugged conduction cooled systems


We use SolidWorks for mechanical modelling.

Software Capabilities

Our software development experience includes both embedded software design and development as well as PC software and drivers.

PC Software:

  • The languages of choice are C, C++ and C# using Microsoft .Net products and Qt
  • Database Design using Microsoft Jet and SQL Server
  • Driver development for dedicated hardware under Windows XP and Windows 7

Embedded Software:

  • The languages of choice are C and C++ typically running under µCLinux or Linux
  • We have extensive experience in programming the following processors and systems:
    o Analog Devices DSP
    o Texas Instruments DSP - both fixed and floating point
    o Texas Instruments MSP430
    o Freescale Power PC processors
    o Altera NIOS soft processor
    o ARM 7 and ARM 9 Processor from various vendors
CAD Facilities

We have a printed circuit board layout facility, with experience in:
  • High speed digital layout
  • RF layout
  • Multi-Layer boards (We have done 22 layer boards)
  • Experience in Flex-Rigid technology (12 layer rigid board with 4 flex layers)
  • Blind and burried via technology
  • High-Density boards (0.5mm BGA packages with 3mil track and gap)
  • Utilising components such as QFN, µBGA 0.5mm pitch parts, XBGA, CSP, MLP and packages down to 0201
  • Tight mechanical integration with electronics for portable products (handsets and PDA) We are able to export the PCB model to SolidWorks which allows us to model the PCB at component level for ultra-compact designs.


We use Mentor Graphics Expedition PCB in conjunction with the Design Capture schematic tool for all electronic hardware development.