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Xstream Flow provides cutting-edge Mechanical Engineering Services whilst delivering precise solutions. Our experienced Mechanical Engineers have complemented client's effort to fulfill their Design and Engineering requirements. We employ latest Mechanical CAD Design and Simulation technologies to deliver best solutions with significant cost saving and quicker turnaround time. Our highly skilled 3D modeler can create accurate solid/parametric 3D CAD models adhering to your Mechanical drafting drawings standards.

Xstream Flow can create 3D Mechanical design models with an added dimension that prompts curiosity and attention. We understand the complexities, the varied requirements and different aspects involved in the machine design and drawings process related to diverse industries. Accordingly, we deliver machine design solutions that ensure your mechanical design engineering success.

Xstream Flow offers speedy and affordable visualization solutions without compromising on quality. We specialize in following Mechanical Engineering Services:

  2D & 3D Modeling

  • Creation of three dimensional solid models from two dimensional manufacturing drawings.
  • Solid modelling of circuits and enclosures.

  Conceptual & Detailed Design

  • Conceptual designs of a product can be made in the early stages for a first iteration or review purposes.
  • Conceptual design is followed up with detail design showing precise component structures, interferences etc.

  Manufacturing Drawings & Management

  • Full detailed manufacturing drawings can be made from detailed designs.
  • Manufacturing can be managed to give a final component.

  Existing Product Improvement

  • Machines or components can be 'reverse engineered' for improved manufacturability and to improve existing products.
  • Full manufacturing drawings and electronic drawings can be supplied.

  Thermal Design

  • Thermal simulation and the design of heat sinks.
  • Rugged conduction cooled systems.

  Design of Manufacturability

  • Design for Manufacturability is incorporated from concept design to final product.