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The XCM I is an advanced computing engine built around a Power QUICC III processor from Freescale™ and an Altera™ Cyclone II FPGA. The XCM I is a board level product that may be easily integrated into custom products.


XCM provides the following benefits:

1. Shortens development and integration time significantly
2. Provides very high-levels of onboard processing
3. Supports the latest PCIe, RapidIO and Gigabit ETHERNET interfaces

The module is targeted at the following markets:

1. High-end industrial processing and control
2. Aggregation of video and audio streams
3. Multi-processor technical computing environments
4. Rapid prototyping of Gigabit ETHERNET, PCI Express and RapidIO systems



MPC 8548E PowerQUICC III Advanced 64-bit processing engine supporting both floating point and integer operations. Processing of multiple Gigabit Ethernet streams
Onboard DDR2 memory Between 256Mbyte and 512N1byte of onboard DDR2 memory is provided for user program and data storage
Onboard NOR FLASH Between 16Mbyte and 128Mbyte of onboard NOR FLASH is provided for non-volatile storage of processor code and FPGA boot images
Onboard NAND FLASH Between 256Mbyte and 1Gbyte NAND FLASH is provided for onboard non-volatile storage
Quad 10/100/1000 Ethernet controller Four 10/100/1000 ETHERNET channels are provided for interfacing to standard switches and other peripherals. In addition the raw PHY signals are routed off the module, which allows the system designer to physically place the ETHERNET connectors as required by the final system
PCI Express or RapidIO interface The module supports either a single x8 PCIe interface or one x4 PCIe interface and one x4 RapidIO interface
Two UART channels Both UART charnels are available for external use
I2C channel A single I2C channel is available for external use
USB 2.0 host and peripheral controler A USB controller is provided that provides two host ports and a single peripheral port
Real Time Clock A dedicated real time clock (RTC) is provided for timekeeping and calendar functions
User defineable FPGA with 100 IO pins The module provides an EP2C35 Cyclone II FPGA for interfacing with custom peripherals. None of the FPGA resources are used by the module and the FPGA logic and other resource are therefore 100% user definable


Built-in voltage and temperature monitoring All internal voltages are monitored by an onboard power and reset controller and is available to the PowerQUICC III for use in the BIT (Built in test).
Remote updating of FPGA code The PowerQUICC III processor configures the FPGA on startup. This allows the FPGA firmware to be updated dynamically as and when required. This includes remote updating of FPGA code via one of the ETHERNET ports.
Single 5V supply with onboard DC-to-DC converters The module is powered from a single 5V supply. Multiple DC-to-DC converters generate all other onboard voltages onboard.
Compact form factor The module has a very compact form factor and measures 150mm x 85mm x 25rnm (TBC).
Rugged thermal specification The module is designed to operate in ambient temperature ranges of —40° C to +85°C

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